Le Nuvole PAD

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Rail Man

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Dec 23, 2007
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I’ve always liked the Le Nuvole blasts and apple shaped pipes, especially the “fallen prince.” This is not a fallen prince but a darn nice apple shape and had to jump on it when I came across it at Briar Blues, seems like these Le Nuvoles don’t come around much. It’s the lowest grade blast (S1) but Le Nuvole’s lowest grade looks like some of the highest grade blasts I have seen on other pipes. It seems like a traditional straightforward shape but the design is so well executed and proportioned it just grabs you, pic doesn’t do it justice compared with the pleasing aesthetic of actually holding it. And does it ever smoke well, had a few bowls of well aged Dunhill Light Flake in it, one of the best experiences I have had with Light Flake. This is one pipe I have absolutely no regrets about buying.