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Rail Man

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Dec 23, 2007
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While not as impressive as Mike's, it's not a bad start.

Ashton Brindle Flake 2 50g Tins
CAO Patriot Flake 50g Tin
C&D Morley's Best 2oz Bulk
C&D Opening Night 2oz Tin
C&D Sunday Picnic 2 oz tin
C&D Vintage Series: Solace 2oz Tin
Dan Tobacco Gordon Pym 50g Tin
Dunhill Early Morning Pipe 50g Tin
Dunhill Light Flake 3 50g Tins
Dunhill My Mixtrue 965 50g tin
Dunhill Nightcap 50g Tin
Escudo 2 50g Tins
Esoterica Penzance 2oz tin
Fribourg and Treyer Cut Virginia Plug 2 50g Tins
GL Pease Barbary Coast 2oz Tin
GL Pease Cairo 2oz Tin
GL Pease Embarcadero 2oz Tin
GL Pease Fillmore 2 2oz Tins
GL Pease Haddo's Delight 2oz Tin
GL Pease Laurel Heights 2oz Tin
GL Pease Montgomery 2 2oz Tins
GL Pease Westminster 2oz Tin
G&H Kendal #7 100g bulk
MacBaren Vintage Syrian 100g Tin
Maestro de Paja Milano 50g Tin
McClelland 5100 50g Bulk
McClelland Christmas Cheer 2006 100g Tin
McClelland Christmas Cheer 2007 2 100g Tins
McClelland Royal Cajun Ebony 50g Tin
McClelland Virginia 24 50g Tin
McClelland Virginia 27 50g Tin
Orlik Golden Slice 50g Tin
Peterson Irish Flake 3 50g Tins
Rattray's Dark Fragrant 100g Bulk
Rattray's Hal 'O The Wynd 100g Tin
Rattray's Marlin Flake 2 100g Tins
Rattrays's Old Gowrie 2 100g Tins
Reiner Long Golden Flake 100g Tin
Robert McConnell Scottish Cake 2 50g Tins
Samuel Gawith Full VA Flake 50g Tin
Solani 633 100g Tin
Solani 660 100g Tin
Wessex Gold Virginia Flake 50g Tin


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Dec 17, 2007
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Well again, like I said, with this group we don't have to worry about tobacco not being available!