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Mason Jar Rack

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Nov 11, 2022
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Southern Oregon
I have been looking for a cheap-ish rack/display for my mason jars for about 2 months now, to no avail. How are there not mason jar racks anywhere!? My wife had an idea a while ago to start making gerbil cage toppers (you can see one almost complete in the background) and with the scrap wood I fashioned up this 32-mason jar rack (half pints) over the last few days and am pretty pleased with it considering my lack of woodworking knowledge. I have been welding, machining, and fabricating since I was 14, so I thought wood would be a much easier medium to work with and OH BOY was I wrong lol. I have been getting better with it, but you can't just tack it up and go like I'm used to! Not to mention the existential crises I experienced trying to square the frame with wood that isn't square, turns out the first batch of wood was warped, and you can't bend wood like you can metal (almost resulted in a divorce lol). Either way I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would share this with you guys.

P.S. The stain said "Mahogony" which must be a carpentry code-word because it turned out pure black, I'm going to make another one that hold pint jars so please leave any wood-staining tips you have!


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