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My Experiences Dealing with Altinok Meershaum Pipes

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Jun 14, 2022
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I ordered my first Fancy Meershaum pipe from Sinan Altinok in Ankara, Turkey. What a wonderful experience dealing with Sinan. A real gentleman and outstanding customer service. The pipe arrived via DHL in 3 days. It was beautiful. Unfortunately I found a hairline stress crack in the shank. Hard to tell what happened or if it was a temperature variation during shipment. Regardless, I contacted Sinan to explain the issue. He immediately responded to select another pipe and he would send it at no charge. I selected a more expensive pipe and offered to pay the difference. Sinan would not accept the difference and was very apologetic about the issue. He shipped the replacement pipe last Friday and it arrived today.. Beautiful pipe and perfect.

The whole experience of dealing with Sinan Altinok has been great. Great merchant, great customer service and trust-worthy, and Sinan makes you feel confident about purchasing an expensive pipe half-way around the world. Will buy again from him.


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