New dress for the old lady

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Jul 22, 2019
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Good day to you all

I would like to share my last trip to the unknow, I just had this pipe a Brio, a brand of Iberica de pipas, Spain, this pipe came as a complement for a Stanwell 46 Pot shape I got.
At first sight she did not speak to me in any way, so I focus all my attention to the Stanwell, but time goes by and one day I spent some time cleaning it when the idea arose, since I did not have any silver banded pipe, why not make one my self?
I talked to a jeweler friend of mine about how could we proceed to achieve my goal that was pure aesthetic, and this is the final result.
I should confess that my interest for this little pipe has been growing on me after the initial clean up but now I like it a lot.
What do you think ?

<img src="" alt="New dress for the old lady Bb510"/>

<img src="" alt="New dress for the old lady Bb110"/>

<img src="" alt="New dress for the old lady Bb310"/>


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May 15, 2019
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Dang I really thought it was about a new dress for the wife!