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New Member from Northern NJ

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Jan 31, 2022
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New Jersey
I am a 75 year old retired clergyperson, living in Northern NJ. Married with two adult children. I smoked a pipe from 1964 until 1984. I began with aromatics and moved on to Balkans and VaPer blends. When I began smoking a pipe again in 2016, I had kept only three pipes from my first pipe life, but quickly discovered the world of estate pipes on eBay and added eleven more. BTW, all but one are E.A. Carey's. ( I know; I'm weird. ) Anyway, I again began with aromatics, but quickly moved on to Balkans, but not VaPers.

There's a new world of pipe smoking online that didn't exist back in the day. I found P&C, Smokingpipes, and then many other online resources. My favorite tobaccos have been Barbados Plantation, Russ's White Knight, Magnum Opus, and the sorely missed Lane VBC. Just recently, I've discovered Boswell's tobacco blends, and am presently enamored with Boswell's Best, Rum River, and Piper's Pleasure.