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Oct 23, 2010
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Oregon City, Oregon - USA
We’ve been planning toward this for some time, knowing the time would come. And it has. Both Carlos and Brewdude have encountered some medical issues that require their being less than fully available to act as Site Moderators for a period of time. Consequently we have asked DrT999 to sign on as a new Moderator - to see how it fits with the time requirements of his professional and personal lives. He’s got some new titles listed on his avatar thing so yes, they’re real…Council Member, Moderator, etc. This grants him authority and the accompanying responsibility to act on behalf of the site. Note that like the other Mods, if an issue comes up (and we don’t expect any) and he needs to deal with it, arguing with him in the open forum is grounds for immediate banning. I’m only saying this to stress that he’s not a Junior Mod or a Trainee or something.

Be that as it may, join me in welcoming him into this new role. We hope it will work well for him so he can continue, etc.

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Jul 3, 2022
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Anybody from Winston-Salem can't be all bad!!!! Welcome, Sir Prof!! FTRPLT
Winston-Salem is where I received my first pipe in 1970. Missouri Meerschaum child’s souvenir pipe w/gold stem. I did’t get to smoke it at four years old, but I did get one of their famous Moravian cookies.
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