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Jan 14, 2008
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Hello everyone,

****** PLEASE READ******* I have noticed recently some pipes out on the market, ebay, etc., that were either given, or sold very cheaply, to friends or close customers, that were not supposed to go to the market and were flawed pipes.

I will explain: Sometimes I make a pipe and it has a problem, maybe a large flaw or pit or just the blast isnt the greatest. I will keep them and smoke them myself or give, sell very cheaply to good friends or good customers. They are not supposed to sell these pipes as they are flawed. They either are not up to my standards or have posible fills in them. No I DO NOT put fills in my pipes except seconds that I smoke myself, and the pipe is marked with an *F* very close to the nomenclature, or no nomenclature at all, and then the pipe is NOT offered to the public, and is usually smoked by me. Sometimes friends see the pipes Im smoking and they want to buy them, or it will fit into their collection as a yard pipe, so sometimes if I know they cant afford a high grade pipe (some that are great customers too that can afford them) I will sell them the pipe very cheaply, or just give it to them . This is done on the promise , by them, to not ever sell the pipe. They are to keep it in their collection and never let it leave them.

This has not been the case lately, with a few of my pipes they ended up on the market. If I find who it is that is selling them, I will never sell them another pipe again, ever!!! Even if it is a regular pipe that is full price. A promise is a promise and I cant keep giving or selling, very cheaply, these pipes if they will end up on the market with a broken promise. So if you see a pipe of mine that has the *F* either in the nomenclature or on the end of the shank where the stem and shank meet, or no nomenclature at all, then assume it is a flawed/filled pipe that was not supposed to be released to the market.

Thank you




Broken Pipe
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Jul 2, 2008
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Honest hearts produce honest actions,,,,(Brigham Young)

Bulldog Bruce

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Mar 23, 2008
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After looking at previous post above, I want to make it clear I'm refering to individuals other than Brian with that statement.