PCCA New World Flake

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Mar 16, 2008
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this tin is dated 1992. upon opening this tin there was that characteristic whoosh which is a promise of good things to come! mostly red with a little darker tobacco. the smell is just like chocolate. upon smoking the first taste is well..cool whip! then farther down the bowl hints of vanilla, caramel, slight peanut. i am sure the age has something to do with it, but this is the best tobacco i have ever smoked hands down bar none. amazing flavor, complexity, aroma and bouquet to die for definetely a nosewarmer tobacco. i dont know what this tasted like when young i suspect it was very syrupy if that makes sense. Butera's matured ribbon was close to this. this stuff is better imho than Mccranie;s red ribbon which was the bench mark for me.this tuff is putting me into the zone! wow just amazing! the effect age has on virginias is astounding, yep there is that cool whip taste again......one bowl and this is too good to describe. if there are ppesters who dont cellar..... start. :pipe: