Pirate Booty Lists and Photos

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Oct 23, 2010
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Here be the list of booty items submitted.

This list will be added to as additional items arrive.

Blackhorse 1. New, Growley Devil Anse Pipe.
Growley 2. Estate, c. 1950. Pre-Republic Nickel-banded Peterson Shamrock, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, and with the P-lip stem given the micro mesh treatment.
Spud15 3. Savinelli Autograph group 4, bent billiard.
Mozjo 4. Alexander Briar Poker.
Mozjo 5. Kaywoodie Relief meer lined billiard w stinger.
PozzSka 6. Full Bent Barling pipe.
d4klutz 7. Estate Bjarne, handmade Danish sitter.
Gramps 8. An Old Parker briar bark Pot
Gramps 9. Tinder box Blasted Poker
Blackhorse 10. Alpha (Israeli Pipe) Handmade Plateux (Lightly Reamed, sterilized and cleaned)

Tobacco Items:

Gravel 11. 1 tin - Dan Tobacco - Hamborger Veermaster (50g)
BigCasino 12.  1 tin - Davidoff Flake Medallions (50 g)
Spud 13. 1 tin - Rattray's Red Rapparee (100g)
PozzSka 14. 1 tin - Mc Crannie's Red Ribbon (50g)
Growley 15. 1 tin - McClelland Rose of Latakia 50g)
Growley 16. McClelland Ringlowe Syrian Reserve
Fatman 17. Sam Gawith Sam's Flake
Growley 18. Sam Gawith X Blend Limited Edition--for this five year old + SG special
Blackhorse 19. Dunhill's Light Flake ('08)
Big Casino 20. Butera Pelican
Spud15 21. Sam Gawith FVF
BigCasino 22. Sam Gawith Perfection
Spud15 23. Sam Gawith Grousemoor
Big Casino 24.  Mac Baren H H Vintage Syrian
d4klutz 25. Frog Morton On the Town
Growley 26. Tin - Dunhill London Mix
27. Tin - Dunhill Standard Mix
Mozjo 28.  Tin - Dunhill Standard Mellow
29. Tin - CAO Eilleen's Dream
30. Pouch - Erin Go Braugh Irish Whiskey
PozzSka 31. MaC Baren Vanilla flake tin
PozzSka 32. ORLIK Golden slices tin 10/12
Growley 33. Anniversary Kake
Fatman 34. Sir Walter Raliegh ARO bulk
35. Captain Black white pouch
Blackhorse 36. tin Bjarnes Flake de Luxe
Spud 37. tin McClelland Christmas Cheer 2013
BigCasino 38. tin Dunhill 965
39. tin Mastro de Paja ROMA
Gravel 40. tin Balkan by Brebbia
Big Casino 41. 50g tin of Escudo
Mozjo 42. 50g tin of Erinmore
PozzSka 43. 50g tin of Villiger Cocktail Hour
Blackhorse 44. 50g tin of Dunhill Flake
Spud15 45. 100g tin of MacBaren Virginia #1
Pozz Ska 46. Tin Sutliff Blend no.5 (English)
PozzSka 47. Tin McClellands Yenidje Highlander (oriental with a touch of Lat)
48. Tin Frog Morton (Egnlish)
d4klutz 49.  2oz. Rattrays Brown Clunee (VA)
Mozjo 50.  2oz. McClellands M-27 Three Cherry Blend (Aro)
Growley 51.  100g 2013 MC Christmas Cheer
Growley 52.  100g MC Blackwoods
Growley 53.  50g Dunhill Royal Yacht
Spud15 54.  50g SG BBF
Mozjo 55.  50g SG Commonwealth
Gramps 56.  John Patton Custom, Cigar Royale, 2 oz.
Fatmn 57.  Gawith Grasmere Flake, 2 oz.
Gravel 58.  Steve Books...Boar's Head .7 oz & Grampa's 1.4 oz. (not mixed, two bags)
Gramps 59.  Steve Books...Young Master 1.7 oz. & First Smoke .67 oz. (not mixed, two bags)
Fatman 60.  Gawith Bracken Flake, 2008, batch varient III.

Fatman 61. 1 Working Pocket Watch, Fob, and Leather Holster, salvaged from an antique shop and cleaned up. Keeps time.
Fatman 62. 1 quality fountain pen, a set of ink cartridges & a jot book for pipe notes.
d4klutz 63. Complete series of the Griffin & Sabine Trilogy by Nick Bantock: three hardcover books that unravel a mystery or twenty through a series of letters, postcards, and illustrations. Perfect for contemplating with a pipe, and the parrots and the South Pacific keep it piratical.
Pozz Ska 64. 1 sturdy skull-shaped metal bottle-opener.
PozzSka 65. Ulu knife with stand
BigCasino 66. leather pipe bag, with integral tobacco pouch
Blackhorse 67. Smoked copper river red salmon
68. Alaskan ball cap
69. Two in one cartridge pipe tamper
Big Casino 70. 1 "Growley" large hand made pipe leather pipe pouch
BigCasino 71. 1 Block of Romeo Briar
Fatman 72. Two tins of Wilson's Sharrow Gold label snuff
Blackhorse 73. 1 piece of silver
74. Coleman waterproof soft flame butane lighter
Blackhorse 75. Stainless Steel Pipe Cleaners & Pipe tool
76. 2-Pack of reusable cloth coffee filters
Gramps 77. Small Romanian wooden dish (for drying tobacco, ya know)
d4klutz 78. 2nd small wooden dish (also for drying tobacco)
Gramps 79. Zippo pipe lighter 1970
d4klutz 80. British Butner reamer with case & inst.
Blackhorse 81. Castleford roll up pouch, new
Fatman 82. Radice pipe tamper w/sleeve - The "tamper with a notch" is designed to hold a piece of tissue or paper towel to clean out the bowl. If the pipe is a reverse calabash design the same can be used to clean the shank chamber. Rolando Negoita came up with the concept and includes one with his reverse calabash pipes. The other end can be used as a tamper.
83. 1 waterproof matchbox (translucent orange – otter box style
Mozjo 84. 1 specialty coffee sample.
85. 2oz bulk of Dan Tobacco Limerick
Mozjo 86. 3oz bulk of PS Luxury Navy Flake
Mozjo 87. Wood 3 pipe holder (Decatur Industries) (Walnut?)
Blackhorse 88. Unsmoked 1960s Big-Ben 407 S Grand Seigneur Panel Billiard
Gravel 89.   5 Pack of cigars and a cutter with a humidifier pak
a) Kinky Freidman - Big Richard
b) Torano - Noventa 90
c) Pino Del Rio- Seleccion
d) Pino Del Rio - Sun Grown
e) Pinar Del Rio - Exclusivo
Mozjo 90.  An oak and brass hand made tamper
Gravel 91.  Pirate Paraphernalia pack (pipe cleaners, wooden matches etc.)
92.  K P leather tobacco pouch
93.  New University of South Carolina Fitted Hat
Gravel 94.  New Zippo
95.  Multi-Pack assorted Pipe Cleaners
Gravel 96.  Victorinox mini Pocket Knife with Seal of Secretary of Defense William Cohen
d4klutz 97.  Eric Frost Mora knife, laminated steel, Swedish, (plug knife)
BigCasino 98.  Xikar leather case (one cigar or a buncha pipe cleaners)
Gramps 99.  Brass & Black Bamboo tamper
100.  Amanda Traders Incense case plus incense
101.  Small Kershaw Corral Creek lock back knife #3115
Spud15 102.  Medium Kershaw Black Gulch lock back knife #3120
Gramps 103.  Kershaw Outlaw Bill lock back knife (totally serrated) #1065
104.  Custom Copper pocket tube w steel tamper and bead.
gravel 105.  Fine German Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, ink cartridges and Moleskine notebook. (no photo)
The Lamy Safari is one of the most popular modern fountain pens out there, writes very well and is just about bullet proof. The Moleskine notebook is has a closure strap and the paper is specifically designed for use with fountain pen ink.  Start collecting your tasting notes with the best!

More Tobacco:

106. Pouch Five Brothers
Gramps 107. Bulk Tambolaka
Fatman 108. Bulk Wessex Burley Slices (very well aged)
d4klutz 109. Bulk C&D Night Train (very, very well aged)
Gravel 110. McClelland 2015 Bulk (c. 2010)
Spud15 111. Gawith Bulk St. James Flake (aged)
Fatman 112. Gawith Bulk Bracken Flake (2007)
Growley 113. Treasures of Ireland Limerick (3/12)
Gramps 114. McClelland British Woods (Aug. 1999)
d4klutz 115. 4th Generation 1931 (Mar. 2013) (Erik Stockkebye -Flake)

Pipe Photos:

First is a group photo.  Each man in the crew gets to pick one pipe outside of the regular picks!  The timing of this will be announced.

Now for the photos of the individual pipes turned in for the regular draw:





Savinelli Autograph (front panel straight grain, all other is rusticated.

Kaywoodie Meer Lined

Tinder Box




Listed in Accessories

Accessory Items (3 photos - some guesswork may be needed to determine exact item from descriptions above)

That's it men!  As noted, some items may be somewhat difficult to determine from the list of items...to the photos.  Think of it as part of the fun!!!

Thanx and a hat tip to all members of the crew, you've really outdone yourselves! I've never seen anything like this load of goods.  Amazing to say the least.
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