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Feb 6, 2008
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I recall reading, over the years, a variety of post on various forms, in assorted magazines and especially in the Pipe Smokers Ephemeris about people who loved to mix up and blend their own specific blends from the bulk tobaccos offered by Altadis & Lane. I recall that many people loved to mix 50/50 portions of BCA and 1Q and others that loved 2 parts of RLP-6 mixed with 1 part of 1Q and so on!

I have never tried any of them, but I have become interested in learning more about those individual blends, that many of those that favor Altadis & Lane Tobaccos have come up with. I do plan on trying them in the near future.

So, if there are any of you who fall into that category, and have experimented with mixing up some blends, I and I expect many others, would appreciate your sharing them with us!



Lanes 1Q can be used as a filler and mixed with many things to give them good room note

Myself I live with non smokers so mine must have good room note

Try 1Q and carter hall it's great

RLP6 and 1Q is good