Question about your Pipes in light of another thread...

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Dec 11, 2007
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... the Thread is "Cigar Ratings."

Just got me wondering if any pipe smokers have a pipe (pipes) that they purchased just because it's a Dunhill or another big name pipe? Are there pipes out there that cost less then a Dunhill and smoke just as good or even better? :scratch:

I also wonder about tobaccos. Do you buy blends from certain Names over others , that may taste beter, simply because of "who" they are?

I do like to enjoy may smokes whether "big names" or "no names" but I must be honest and say I do buy some cigars, blends and pipes JUST because of the names on the side. I like to hand a person a cigar that they can see in the store and say, "hey I smoked one of those!" Maybe I just buy into the hype too much?! :scratch:

So, I'm wondering if anyone else does too?


Wet Dottle

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Feb 27, 2008
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Interesting topic, probably better suited for another section of this forum. I'm not a cigar smoker and almost missed it...

In looking for new tobacco, the answer is no. That is, the name of the blender is not a consideration at all. I base my choices solely on the description of the blend and its base components. I've also learned quite early to disregard blend reviews.

For pipes, the primary criterion is aesthetics, mainly shape, dimensions, and finish. Brand name plays a part, but not very much. In my reasonably long pipe smoking career, I had the opportunity to buy most of what I wanted, encompassing many brands and most price ranges. Therefore I know what I like and am now set in a rut regarding the brands I usually look for. The pipes I really like are very hard to get (Larry Roush and others that have very limited production) therefore I tend to buy brands that make shapes that I like in the price range that is comfortable to me.


Outstanding topic, LDG -- one that goies right to the heart of a lot of matters.

Are there people who buy (and flaunt) expensive stuff just because it's expensive ? Sure. But on the other hand, are there guys like Neil and DPG (I'd add Ian if he were still here) who collect pipes by noted makers because they thoroughly appreciate the artistry they embody ? Sure. The way some people follow musical groups or sports heroes, they follow pipe carvers. There is no one-size-fits-all motivation you can assign.

So are "good" pipes better than inexpensive ones ? On average, yes. Do prices follow quality ? Up to a point, yes. Can you quantify that level with an exact figure ? No. Can you match the performance level of a "good" pipe with a less expensive one ? With an older one especially, if you're willing to spring for an airway tweak, yes. Can you do so consistently ? Probably not. Can you put a lot of money into a "good" pipe and just not like the way it smokes at all ? Sure. Can you pick up a flea bay stepchild that will become your favorite smoker of all (or one of them) ? Sure.

Is the cost of a "good" maker's work partly for the name on it ? Sure. But would the name be a "name" without a track record of recognised accomplishment behind it ? Probably, no. Does quality correlate 1:1 with popularity ? No. Does lady luck play a part in this ? Undoubtedly. But are the "names" just guys who got lucky ? No.

Would you be happier in the long run with one $400 Castello, or with four $100 Petes or Savinellis or Stanwells ? Or with two estate Castellos ? Or with two new Whatevers ? Nobody can say -- yourself included -- 'til you get there. Too many variables.

Tobacco's easier. Yes. The household names got to be industry standards the hard way. Somebody can say he doesn't like this GLP blend or that Sam Gawith one (a situation with obvious parallels in the cigar world). But someone who opined that they made junk would be laughed out of the room. Too many people know better. An opinion like that would just identify the opinionator as clueless.