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Apr 23, 2020
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Tobacco I found in Joe's storage

Maybe a mixture (don't know what ratio) of

Lane's TK-6 and BCA
Pipe Lovers Magazine

"My Favorite Blend" column

Jan 46

1/4 oz. Perique
1/8 oz. Latakia
1/2 oz. Selbur
1/2 oz. Virginia
1/2 oz. White Burley

Apr 1946

1 oz. Burley
1/2 oz. White Burley
1 oz. Virginia Plug
1 oz. Cavendish
1/4 oz. Latakia
1/4 oz. Perique

Jul 1946

1 oz. White Burley
2 oz. Carolina Rough Cut
1/4 oz. Perique
1/4 oz. Latakia

Set in a humidor with the moistener soaked in apple cider and wait several days.

Nov 1946

2 oz. Kentucky Burley Shredded
2 oz. White Burley Flake
1 oz. Perique

Mix tobaccos. In humidor, place 6 mint leaves and tobacco. Wait one week Remove mint leaves. A pleasant surprise awaits the smoker.

Mar 1947

9 oz. Kentucky Burley
3 oz. Cavendish No. 1
2 oz. Virginia Flake
1 oz. Perique
1 oz. Weedes Cavendish

May 1947

9 parts Aged Burley, rough cut
3 parts Virginia, long cut
2 parts Virginia flake
1 1/2 parts Syrian Latakia
1/2 part Louisiana Perique

Jun 1947

2 oz. Flue cured Carolina Cavendish
1 oz. Sun cured Virginia
2 oz. Maryland
1/4 oz. Syrian Latakia
1/2 oz. Burley ribbon cut

Jul 1947

2 oz. Kentucky Burley
1 oz. Virginia flake
1 oz. Connemara (Irish Mixture)
1 oz. Syrian Latakia
1 oz. Perique

Aug 1947

4 oz. Maryland
4 oz. Carolina
3 oz. Perique
3 oz. Latakia
2 oz. Cavendish No. 1
4 oz. Turkish Yenidje

For best results, the above should be cased with half rum and half glycerine and allowed to season for a month or more

Sep 1947

1 1/2 oz. White burley
1 oz. Maryland
1/2 oz. Virginia bright
3/4 oz. Latakia
1/8 oz. Turkish Yenidje

Moisten the humidor with port wine. Rest 3 to 4 days before smoking.

Oct 1947

2 1/2 oz. Honey Cavendish
1 oz. Burley
1/2 oz. Latakia

Nov 1947

2 oz. Long Virginia
1 oz. Latikia
1 oz. Perique
4 oz. Black Cavendish
1/4 oz. Girder Navy Cut

2 oz. Cavendish
1 oz. Latakia
2 oz. Virginia
1/2 oz. Aromatic

Jan 1948

4 oz. Cavendish
4 oz. Latakia
4 oz. Bright Burley
1 oz. Perique
3 oz. Virginia Bright

Feb 1948

2 oz. Ribbon cut Honey Cavendish
2 oz. Arabian Latakia
1/4 oz. Perique
1/2 oz. Maryland

Mar 1948

2 oz. Aromatic
1/2 oz. Erinmore Flake
3 oz. Virginia
1/2 oz. Perique

Apr 1948

1 oz. North Carolina Burley
1 oz. Turkish Yenidje
1/2 oz. White Burley
1/2 oz. Sugar Cavendish
1/2 oz. Virginia Long Broad
1/2 oz. Maryland
1/2 oz. Perique
1/2 oz. Latakia

May 1948

1 3/4 oz. White Burley
3/4 oz. Maryland
3/4 oz. Virginia Flake
1/4 oz. Perique
1/8 oz. Yenidje

The mixture is sprayed with port wine and then allowed to season for a week.

Jun 1948

1 pound Kentucky Burley
8 oz. Arabian Latakia
4 oz. St. James Perique

Once well mixed, place in an earthenware crock. A wet moistender is placed inside and the mixture is allowed to "st" for three days before using.

Jul 1948

2 oz. Shredded Plug Burley
1/2 oz. Virginia
1/4 oz. Perique
1/4 oz. Aromix

It is full bodied and tastes fine when smoked slowly in a large bowl.

Aug 1948

1 3/4 oz. Burley cut plug
1/2 oz. Virginia Flake
1/2 oz. Latakia
1 1/4 oz. Perique
1/4 oz. Maryland

Sep 1948

1 oz. White Burley
1 oz. Virgina
1/8 oz. Latakia
1/4 oz. Perique

It tastes best when well moistened.

Oct 1948

3 oz. Aged burley
1 oz. White burley
3 oz. Virginia bright

Age for one week.

Nov 1948

16 oz. Virginia Flake
4 oz. Syrian Latakia
2 oz. St. James Perique

Mix and stand in humidor with added cedarwood soaked in Scots whiskey.

Jul 1948

2 oz. Virginia
1 oz. Latakia
1 oz. Perique
1 oz. Turkish No. 1 fine cut


No. 1 — Steep two ounces cinnamon and four ounces tonka bean, ground fine, in one quart of rum, preferably Jamaica.

No. 2 — Moisten ordinary cigars with a strong tincture of cascarilla to which little gum benzoin and borax may be added. Some persons add small quantity of camphor, or oil of cloves or cassia.

No. 3 — Tincture of valerian and butyric aldehyde, four drams each; nitrous ether, one dram; tincture vanilla, two drams; alcohol, five ounces; water enough to make sixteen ounces.

No. 4 — Select gum myrhh, two ounces; extract of vanilla, four ounces; tincture of valerian, eight ounces; caraway seed, two ounces; bitter orange peel, two ounces; alcohol, half gallon; Jamaica rum, half gallon. Steep the myrhh in half a pint of alcohol for three days. Add this to the remainder of the alcohol, tincture of valerian, extract of vanilla and Jamaica rum. Then, after grinding the caraway seed and bitter orange peel to a powder, put all together in a jug and steep for two weeks, occasionally shaking; lastly, strain before using.


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If nothing else, that’s a lot of typing.

Interesting ingredients though. Esp. herb touted to induce drowsiness.