resistant to trying something new?

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Zeno Marx

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Jun 26, 2010
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This is where I'm terrible. If I go to a restaurant for the first time and find something I like, every time I go back, I order the same thing. I never try anything else on the menu. It makes no sense, other than acknowledging that the likely reason I'm returning to that restaurant is because I'm longing for that same food. I'm no longer wondering what that restaurant is like or going with no expectations. I now have baggage that seems to restrain me. I do not like this about myself. A true vice.

(family) recipes...

I do not have the same problem here. Family recipes didn't just suddenly appear as-is. At some point, and likely at more than one point, someone experimented. They weren't likely immaculately conceived. I also have a grudge with tradition for tradition's sake, but that is for another discussion. I almost never cook a recipe the same way twice. I don't care where I got the recipe. They aren't sacred texts. Adding or subtracting ingredients. Messing with measurements. Substituting one starch for another. You name it, if my brain is in working order, I'm thinking of some way to try something new, willing to screw with the chemistry. It might not be as good, or I might stumble upon an improvement. I like that part of cooking a lot. The journey means more to me than the destination.

How about you? What are your vices and virtues when it comes to change and food?