Safariland ALS holster?

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Jan 19, 2012
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Anyone have or use one?
Got one this week as a alternative to the Blackhawk SERPA.
I know the serpa has taken some heat, and I own one. I never really had a problem with it but thought I would try a different system.

Very robust compared to the Blackhawk, much better fasteners,IMOO better design for a retension holster.
Not a fan of paddle type holsters for any retension, just seems conterintuitive to have any real space between two pieces that need to act as one. So I got the belt only configuration.

Suede lined to protect the finish. Not a big deal for me but others may like that. Adjustable tension, which I still need to play with, but a nice feature.

As I mentioned, much heavier materials than the Blackhawk and a screw in the lower part of the holster, below the belt, near the muzzle tto strenghen the entire rig.

Operation is very intuitive. Flagged thumb lands on release, slight movement to the rear of the holster releases gun and thumb is still flagged.

Need to spend some time with it this weekend but am loveing it so far.