Spirits Made From Whey?

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Feb 9, 2008
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I'd never heard of such a process until I got a promotional email from Total Wine for Buckley's Irish Gin. I found this article on line. I did a little research and found this, as well. Brendan Buckley is the international marketing director of Irish Distillers, which distills and produces Jameson, Powers, Green Spot, Midleton and Redbreast Irish whiskies. This Buckley's Irish Gin is a product of Irish Distillers. Irish Distillers is owned by the French conglomerate Pernod Ricard.
So, curious, I took a drive to Total Wine and went to the tasting set-up, where they were serving samples of Buckley's Irish Gin. It's very much a dry Juniper forward 86 proof gin. It's not very floral like Esme or Citadelle. In my many decades (cough, cough) I've sampled more than a tiny bit of gin, from the really cheap to the over priced, and I still like Seagrams, Gordon's and Gilbey's. I did buy a bottle of Buckley's Irish Gin, distilled from cow whey ($19.00) just as a curiosity. My understanding, from doing minimal research, is that of the Irish whey based gins being distilled, most are from sheep whey.
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Oct 23, 2010
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Been on a current binge of Irish Whiskeys and I believe the distillery you mentioned…producing Jameson, Powers, Green Spot, Middleton and Redbreast absolutely makes some of the world’s best. For years it was Jameson as a do-all in my cabinet, then I added Powers as a bar whiskey. Then I recently picked up a bottle of Teeling Small Batch and my daughter gifted me a bottle of Writer’s Tears Copper Pot for Fathers Day and both have been a delight. Both of those are sipping level for me.

But Sheep Dip Gin is out there a bit too far for me.