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Richard Hester

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Aug 12, 2009
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Hello Brothers,

"The St. Louis Pipe Club is pleased to announce its 28th Annual Pipe Show and Swap. The event will be held at the Webster Groves Masonic Lodge in suburban St. Louis County on February 20th, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This show has historically been the first major show of the season and has been well attended with a lot of action in the past.
The show is totally smoker friendly throughout the venue. Two rooms, a "Men's Lounge" and "Library" are available for relaxation during the show. Special arrangements have been made for both hot and cold food and beverages during the show.
The club has 70 spaces available for vendors and others interested in displays. Sixty-four (64) of the spaces measure 4'X32". Six of the spaces are 8'X32". The 4'spaces are $50.00 and the 8'spaces are $100.00. Of course, two 4'spaces can be combined to make for a larger total display area. The venue is slightly smaller than in past years and we have had to make each display space slightly smaller to meet the demand. The price per space is also less than in the past.
Mailings are going out tomorrow, December 29th, to those of you on our mailing list. A flyer and information sheet will be gladly e-mailed to you. The e-mail address for the show is: Reservations will be confirmed when funds are received by the show coordinator: Bob Metzler, 7630 Bracken Circle, St. Louis, MO 63123. Please make checks payable to "The St. Louis Pipe Club". He may be reached at 314-434-0920. You may also text a fellow coordinator Harry Malin during the day or call him at night at: 314-619-0822.
Door prizes will be given and a silent auction will be held. The club will be very appreciative should you decide to contribute prizes and/or auction items. They may be sent to Bob Metzler at the address above."
Hope to see you there, admission is free and it's always a good time with amazing deals and some Pipes which are absolute works of art.

Best Regards


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Dec 28, 2007
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I made my reservations for Thursday to Sunday. I can't wait, I hope these guys can make a go of this and keep this great show going. It's getting very hard to find smoke friendly venues and hotels. :shock:


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Dec 15, 2007
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My 2 cents:
Great bar food:
Food and desert:
Wine and food:

Don't forget caveat emptor, but if you decide to go don't forget to invite me