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Dec 10, 2007
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Chestnut, IL
Firing up a bowl right now from 3/2006.

It's good. But then I am usually easy to please. A nice mix of color. Mostly dark and black. Spicy flavor when smoking. Quite a bit of broken flake in this blend. Now when you open the bag, and sniff, you will immediately think this has been flavored somehow. I think of a berry scent. Perhaps blackberry. It's wonderful! Yes, really. Because when smoking it I think it may be what adds a bit of the bite, or spice to the blend. Not tongue bite, but a tingle on the tongue that's really nice.

I haven't said anything about it, because I have had only a few bowls. Please don't assume I know what I am talking about when it comes to a flavoring. Maybe it's all tobacco. But it is an interesting, full flavored smoke that produces lots of smoke. Clouds! :D But we all know tobacco blending is a secretive tradition. Could be that this is the way all those old blends of yore where done.

It makes my face sweat too. :lol!:

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Dec 10, 2007
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I think you described it very well Carlos. I bought a 1/2 lb. of it about a month ago and I experienced the tongue tingle too. I thought that might have been partly because it needs a little time to age and mostly because of some over-enthusiastic puffing on my part. The stuff is very tasty and I got a little carried away with the ol' puffer :pipe:

I'm going to let mine sit in the jar for a few months and get back to it later. I'll approach it a little slower next time, and I'll try not to eat it. It does create huge plumes of smoke.