Sun Bear 2019 vs 2020 ??

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Jan 1, 2020
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I'm curious if anybody here has tried both the first version from 2019 and the new version from this year. I never tried the first version but all the rave reviews nudged me to trying it this time around. I just wonder if anybody detects any differences, because so far after just four bowls (meer, briar, cob) I'm not too impressed. If it is the same then I wonder if the flavorings will settle in and harmonize.

My first bowl I would have rated 1 star, as I couldn't even believe I was smoking tobacco. It tasted like some odd herbal alternative. I'm guessing that must have been the Elderflower. Then I dried some of it on a paper plate for 24+ hours and tried again. Now maybe 2 stars, but still hardly any tobacco taste. Mostly tequila, and not my favorite kind, the kind that tastes like distilled aloe vera gel.

Just tried my fourth bowl in a meer, and now some of the Turks are starting to show a little, but I still have to wonder if they wasted prime vintage tobaccos on this oddball creation. I'd put it there with Crooner, 79, Vauen Bavarian (using beer hops) and other blends that may find a narrow niche of smokers who enjoy them.

I do agree that the tin note is awesome, and the ambient aroma smells a little like Golden Cavendish and tequila. But flavor wise the tequila and elderflower are way too dominant.

And as for the honey, well I've done some DIY with honey and always had the best results using hot distilled water to dilute the honey because honey and alcohol together tend to make a blend burn faster and with some bite, especially Virginias. Maybe our Wizard of Oz can comment about his experiences, but I just wouldn't combine honey and alcohol.

Maybe I'm the odd man out. Wouldn't be the first time! :roll:


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Oct 3, 2018
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I have not tried last years but did get some from this year. Haven't smoked it yet but I WAS looking forward to it lol. I'll pop it open as soon as I clear up some shelf space for another jar lol