Takes on Mac Baren Royal Twist?

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Mar 25, 2021
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Largo, Florida
I don’t usually pay attention to the smokingpipes home page. I usually just click on the search bar and start typing. So, luckily for me, I stumbled across the listing for Royal Twist while it was still in stock. I actually used the tobacco locator feature on that site to search for VaPerKys, and there it was, in all its Limited Edition glory.

Special releases don’t generally appeal to me, especially the C&D concoction of the week. But this one’s description made it sound like it was made just for me. I initially planned to order 10, but in a rare moment of self-control, I bumped the quantity down to five before hitting the place order button.

I should have stuck with 10. This stuff is outstanding. I’m already on my second tin, and am already trying to figure out a way to concoct a suitable substitute (I have some ideas).

I’d love to read the opinions of others who ordered before they were all gone. I’ve seen a couple of things online already, and the consensus seems to be very positive. Here’s hoping enough people take the time to write Mac Baren. This product really seems to fill a hole in the market. Doblone d’oro also contains burley. I haven’t tried Three Nuns Green. The closest I’ve had, flavor-wise, is Newminster Superior Round Slices with a little age, although that one is just Virginia and Kentucky. That one, rubbed out and with a little added bulk perique, tossed into my brand new pasta press, is my top contender for a replacement in case they decide against making RT part of the regular line of products.