The Blue Band Across My Forehead

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Feb 9, 2008
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A year or two ago (I can't actually remember when) I ordered a cap from Goorin Brothers. It's kind of a cross between the classic Greek fisherman's cap and a Newsboy. It's pictured below in gray. In a fine fedora, I wear a 7 3/8 or 59. Often a size "large" is a 7 1/4 and it can be an impossible fit. I ordered a large, because the person at Goorin Brothers told me that this cap runs quite large. I ordered navy blue, which is no longer offered. I wore it a couple of times, hoping to stretch it to fit, without using my hat stretcher. It gave me a headache.
I like the hat and want to wear it occasionally. Last night, about 6:00, I soaked the headband in cold water, then put the hat on, wearing it until I went to bed. I have several wool berets and I've successfully stretched them using this process.
Today, I have a blue tinted band across my forehead. Obviously, the blue wool was not colorfast. I showered this morning, hoping that the tint would easily wash off. It didn't. In a bit, I'm going to soak a piece of an old undershirt with bleach and hope that does the trick.

Success, thankfully. With some rubbing the blue band is gone. I rinsed the area pretty thoroughly then put some lotion on that I use when changing my granddaughter's diaper.
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