The "right to know"

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Dec 10, 2007
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What is this monstrous perversion called "the right to know"?

I know where it started. It was supposedly connected to freedom of speech, wherein people could not be persecuted by the state for exposing fraud, corruption, malfeasance, breach of public trust, and other forms of scumbaggery that naturally obtain from a political mechanism founded on the presumption that it ought to have its way just because it says so.

There's no moral authority involved (that is, it's not based on moral principle). It's de facto authoritarianism. "We get to do whatever we want because we're the boss, and what we say goes. Period. If it's legal, it's 'right'...even if it's wrong." Bullcrap.

So, at one time in this country — back when folks could still remember what a pantload it was to live under a king who expected to be obeyed "Because I said so" — that sort of insanity was regarded as unacceptable. Gradually, the freedom to speak out against a corrupt state without fear of legalized reprisal morphed into the notion that citizens have a right to know what bullcrap the state is whuppin' on their heads. OK...so far so good.

But now comes the perversion. The "right to know" became sloganized, and its original meaning was corrupted, perverted, twisted, and finally lost altogether. But the slogan remained, and people whose ignorance of history is exceeded only by their inability to think critically just went right on parroting "the right to know". Only now it means something totally different.

The way the slogan is used today, it means that everyone has a "right to know" everything about everyone else. It's utterly antithetical to the spirit of the Fourth Amendment (Article IV of the Bill of Rights). Yet, it's automatically presumed that if you don't want some nosy dickweeds who don't know how to mind their own business poking around in yours, you "must" have something to hide.

We've become a nation of busybodies who've come to believe they're entitled to meddle in everyone else's business as some sort of fundamental "right to know".

No they're not. There's no "right" to know anything about anyone else's business. Just because these boneheads don't have a life of their own, that doesn't give them the right to stick their noses into other people's business. And they sure as hell don't have any right to use the power of the state to help them meddle with others. They need to get a life, and stop being idiotic parrots who don't know what they're talking about.