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The Viking Pipe Club of Saint Louis

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Jul 20, 2008
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You are invited back to a simpler time.
A time when the measure of a man was not the perfection of your lawn or the number of zeroes in your 401K, but rather the size of your helmet. A time when women literally screamed and quivered at your approach.
A time when even a man named Oddlog could be King.

We are formally announcing the
Viking Pipe Club of Saint Louis.
A new pipe club, dedicated to olde pleasures.

Our premiere gathering will begin on
Tuesday, July 29th at the Fox and Hounds Tavern, located in the Cheshire Lodge.
6 p.m. if you want to catch the Happy Hour.
7 p.m. if not.

On the agenda for our first meeting will be.
1. Smoking our pipes.
2. Drinking some fine beer (or mead if you'd rather).
3. Sacking a local village.
4. Sword Fighting (winners get to be club officers, naturally)
5. Holding a pipe raffle to raise money for the club. Details to come, but they will be good ones!

So bring your favorite tobacco, your finest pipes, and a few friends.
See you there!

Go to www.vikingpipeclub.com for updates
or email me at nathanmattia@gmail.com


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Dec 14, 2007
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Good Luck Guys! Ken :tongue: A proud member of The Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club!
Pacem en Puffing! :tongue: From The Northeast Kingdom! :tongue: