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Accessories For Sale Unicorn Sale #2. McClelland

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Sep 13, 2011
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North Carolina
Up next for the Unicorn sale is McClelland 5100 red cake. All of it was jarred in 2018. I have 4 lots of 5100 with 4oz.in each lot.
I want to sell each lot for $75. I also have 1 tin of McClelland best Bayou Flake that came from 2014. I would like to sell it for $30. Payment - Paypal F&F

Shipping - $ 10 I would prefer not to ship Mason jars so they will be shipped in Zip Lock bags. If someone wants them to be shipped in jars it will cost extra.
Will ship USPS Priority Mail with Tracking

Other blends will be sold in the coming weeks.

PM if interested Thanks for looking