Viking book recommendations?

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May 4, 2011
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eklektos44":ejkbpzny said:
Brewdude":ejkbpzny said:
Just took delivery of this today. Only took 3 weeks!

I'll look forward to this, as it has the potential to give me what I need.

I did get in the complete Sagas from from the library, but they didn't have what I was looking for.


Hope it gives you what you need Rande. Let me know. :)

Well, I finished the book today. Have to say it held my interest throughout. Supposedly an eye-witness account, but much debate about the translations on many issues. Still, made for good reading even though I did have to wonder if much of it had been embellished to enhance the story. At times it bordered on the surreal.

Frankly I don't know I can use any of this for my intended purpose. I'll have to think about that a bit.

The other Viking books I got in were mostly skimmed and not read thoroughly, as I was focused on getting info relating to the brutal conquering nature of them. And while those books did touch on this they didn't make it sound as dire as many are led to believe. Yet this is to be the subject matter of the lyric I'm proposing to write. So, inspiration is key here.

I've made a list of various quotes, terms, and such from the other books, and will try and weave these into some kind of a story line as the lyrics develop. I have a somewhat vague framework to build upon, and will just let this one run free and see what develops.

In truth, this is new territory for me. I seldom if ever decide what a song is all about until it has distinguished itself with the subject lines firmly in place. If that doesn't make sense I'm not sure how I can explain it otherwise. So perhaps I'm just pissing in the wind.............

I'm still minded to contact the local Viking Society and see what they might offer. Stay tuned! (or tune me out)....