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Jun 10, 2008
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My tastes have changed some in pipe tobaccos. I now smoke mostly burleys, Virginias, and a select few aromatics. I have 5 tins each of Dunhill EMP, 965, London Mixture, Royal Yacht, and Nightcap cellared. The tins are varying in age from 1 to 5 years old. I am now smoking mostly Prince Albert, Carter Hall, and Gatlin-Burley. I still like the Dunhill blends, but don't smoke them nearly as much as I used to.

I like to try to support my local pipe shop whenever I can. It helps the "local businessman" versus internet purchases, and besides, the owner is a friend and fellow officer (co-worker). My local pipe shop has about 5 tins each of the previously mentioned Dunhill tins on the shelves at a decent price. He does not carry the blends that I am now mostly smoking, but I still get supplies from him and buy a few ounces of house blends when I can.

My question for you guys is this: Given that I have "X" number of dollars to spend on pipe tobacco in the next few days, would I be better served to to spend my money on what I now mostly smoke to increase my supply on hand or purchase some of the Dunhill tins in case my tastes change again or they become really expensive (sort of like an investment) due to the apparent discontinuing and unavailability of the Dunhill blends?

I would like to hear you guys thoughts and opinions.