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WTS Karl Erick EKSTRAVAGANT and Dunhill "pot billiard"

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the macdonald

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Aug 31, 2008
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Hello Brothers, I've been in here for a long time but I have been mainly inactive in the past few years.  I have a collection mainly consisting Italians, but a few Danes, English, etc., I am considering selling. For these, I took a reasonable (I think) guess at prices.  If you think I am unreasonable and you want to make a reasonable offer feel free to contact me.  Also, PM for any more questions, etc.   

I bought the Erick new from a shop in the San Francisco area on a trip out there.  It is in smoked, but good shape.  I have not sanitized it and really only wiped it with the t shirt I am wearing at present. I'm looking for $165 shipped for it.   

Secondly, the Dunhill.  Again, smoked, sanitized.  I believe it is a size 5, but the markings on the briar had been almost completely buffed out before I bought it online. I tried to include a picture of what is left there but either way what it lacks in nomenclature it makes up for in fine smoking.  I'm looking for $100 shipped.  

Also, I am pretty sure I have socks for both of these.