Your Personal Tobacco Blends & Parfaits

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Feb 6, 2008
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What Are Your Personal Tobacco Blends/Mixtures and Preferred
Tobacco Parfaits?

I think it’s fair to say that many pipe smokers, if not most
of us, have experimented with creating blends that suit our taste, by simply combining previously available blends, in various portions. Many also simply tweak available blends by adding a new raw mixing component, such as raw Perique, Latakia or a burley, etc. or by adding a bit more of a component already in the original blend, to increase that specific tobaccos presence within the blend. IMHO, most of the time, the result is okay and very smokeable, but nothing truly great. Sometimes, it’s just not very good at all, and then again, once in awhile we come up with something truly special, at least to us, individually!

I also believe the very same about creating a Parfait. Most of the time the result is okay and a decent smoke, but nothing special. Sometimes, it just sucks, and then again, once in awhile we come up with something truly special, at least to us, individually!

My intention is to create kind of a catalog or library of sorts, listing as many of these types of blends and parfaits that I can get. I also plan to ID the person/creator of them within the listing, unless that person does not want their ID listed!

Once completed, I will share the listings with anyone who wants a copy.

If you have any Personal Tobacco Blends/Mixtures and/or Preferred Tobacco Parfaits that you would like to share with our, as well as other, pipe smoking communities, please PM me or email me (johnnyflake@yahoo.com) with a listing of same. Also let me know if you’d like your name & handle listed with your blends & parfaits, or not!

I have no idea how long this project will take. Obviously, it will depend on how much input I receive. If your willing to share your ideas, please try to submit the information as soon as you can. If you plan to send me a listing, please try to get it to me before August 15<sup>th</sup>.

Regards, Johnny