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    Popped into Boston’s famous L.J. Peretti today!

    Was the staff friendly? I've dealt with them on the phone and they've been pretty curt. Cheers, RR
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    Very Sad Today

    I've been up close with at least 3 Alzheimer's sufferers and it's a tragic situation. No Cheers, RR
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    What Are You Reading?

    My cousin sent me this, as he's a big WWII buff. It's a factual account of Bert Stiles and his experiences as 1st Lieut and co-pilot during his required 35 missions in a B-17 Flying Fortress. This greatly interested me since my late Pap piloted B-17's and B-24's during his tour. Pap was one of...
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    What movie are you watching?

    Meh! Cheers? RR
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    FOR SALE! RDPipes Blasted Elephants Foot w/Tusk Tamper (10/14/21)

    Totally unique and well executed Ron! :cool: Cheers, RR
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    What movie are you watching?

    Hadn't seen this since maybe the 70's. Highly dramatized but entertaining nonetheless. (y) Cheers, RR
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    Hello to all.

    Welcome aboard matey! Cheers, RR
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    What Are You Reading?

    Holy schmidt! This is one eye opening and sobering account.... 😲 Cheers! RR
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    What Are You Reading?

    Wow! Just binge read this. Absolutely compelling. Highly recommended! (y) (y) (y) Cheers, RR
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    Reintroducing myself...

    Hey buddy, good to see ya! :D Cheers, RR
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    What Are You Reading?

    (y) Cheers, RR
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    What movie are you watching?

    The classic with Charlton Heston. Saw this first as a little kid. Still amazing! (y) Cheers, RR
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    SOLD! RDPipes Blasted Bent Egg (9/29/21) SOLD!

    Someone got themselves a honey! (y) Cheers, RR
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    It’s National Drink Beer Day!

    (y) 😉 Cheers, RR
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    What movie are you watching?

    I've now watched the entire series. It was interesting that many of the episodes were filmed at Highclere castle, the location of Downton Abbey. Cheers, RR