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Also, I'd like to ask your advice on pricing some more tobacco I plan to sell. I have 13 G&H blends and 11 SG tobaccos in mason jars. A few go back to 2006, but most are 2010 and 11, so they've all been sitting in unopened jars for more than a decade. I plan to divide them into 4 and 8 oz bags. What do you think I should ask for them? Jeff
Yes. I think your Bob pricing is a very good price for members of our group. To be honest, i am not a fan of all these crazy resellers charging crazy inflated prices. Its a personal pet peeve of mine, plus I feel that it contradicts the generous spirit our community is known for.
I think that G&H is known for lakeland essence in many if their blends, but didn't detect it in the VA cut rope you sent. It was my first experience with this blend.
I think there will be some happy members that would enjoy the aged G&H and Sam Gawith bounty you will be offering. I enjoy Bobs chocolate flake, dark flake, and brown Bogie on occassion. As for Sam gawith I am not a huge fan. I seem to gravitate more towardsblends produced by Kolhasse & Kopp, or Scandinavian Tobacco Group

I was expecting an open tin with a few crumbs left, but a new, unopened tin, wow! I'm impressed. Thanks, Jeff
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Better that it goes to a good home where it will be enjoyed! I'm happy to send it your way. You have always been more than generous in our previous dealings.
I'll take the English group if it's still available? One caveat, She Who Must Be Obeyed controls the PayPal account, and if she knew I was buying more tobacco, I would be typing this from the other side. Can I send a cashier's check? I'm in no hurry and can wait until you cash it at your end.

I've got plenty of that blend. Send me your address and I'll send you a couple of ounces. No trade necessary, I already have more tobacco than I can possibly smoke in my remaining days.

Natch (Jeff actually)
Thanks, Jeff. I appreciate your offer and your generosity. I was actually able to get my hands on some G&H Louisiana Flake shortly after my post, so I am good.

Great to hear from you. Hope you and yours are happy and healthy.


If they are still options, I will buy the Old Dark Fired and the Sutliff Virginia Slices. Let me know the paypal and the total with shipping.

Thanks... Tom