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    Sisters too ??

    But of course.
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    I believe I have one in my 120+ y/o house, but not in any of my pipes.
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    Sisters too ??

    I have the white album. Does that count?
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    Now that's a mushroom!

    That's what she said hahaha hahaha sorry
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    New menber intro

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    52 years ago today...

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    Time to begin smoking ... meats!!!

    Very nice looking offset smoker/grill. Oklahoma Joes ?
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    worst candy?

    Candy corn is the candy I can't stand. Just the smell of candy corn makes me blow chunks.
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    Great Tennessee Pipe Shop Discovered

    In the 20+ years I've been going here, the staff and customers have always been top-notch.
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    Pipe For Sale 1925 Dunhill Innertube DONE

    Nice looking pipe. I wish I had the extra funds.
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    boxed breakfast cereal

    Frosted mini wheat and coco peebles are go-to brands. There's always a box of either in the cabinet
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    Leg of Lamb?

    I have had lamb chops and rack of lamb both pretty good. I’ve also had lamb dishes from Indian and Greecan restaurants and I like it.
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    Bulkin' Up

    I'm not sure you've got enough for the week. Hahahahaha
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    McDonald’s infamous Szechuan sauce!

    Here are the pics
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    McDonald’s infamous Szechuan sauce!

    I was looking on the Facebook marketplace this afternoon and someone listed 4 of those little containers for $5