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    Utility Bill for December...SHOCK!

    Ah yes, this sounds familiar. They also provide a breakdown of what is using power in my house which is pretty much impossible since they have no idea what is on each circuit and how much each is drawing. Anyway, their accounting is totally ridiculous since according the them, lighting is using...
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    Utility Bill for December...SHOCK!

    I have to laugh because my utility company just recently sent an e-mail with some "meter insights" that stated, "Your energy use is pretty normal so far." Great, that's to be expected since we haven't changed our habits any, but the cost is definitely MUCH higher relative to previous months.
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    Favorite HOT Sauce?

    I like: Arizona Gun Slinger Original Red Jalapeno Pepper Sauce Firewalker Hot Sauce from Asheville, NC
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    What movie are you watching?

    Finally got to see the new 007. Really good. Casino Royale is still my all time favorite, but this last series of 5 moves was fantastic overall.
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    Disappointing tobacco

    Yep, I totally agree with your experience and assessment of Sam Gawith Chocolate Flake.
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    Your Computer Restarted because of a Problem

    Are you out of space?
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    Carolina Red Flake w/ Perique

    I haven't tried the C&D Carolina Red Flake w/ Perique and don't have any, but my favorite C&D blend is "Sun Bear," especially the "Black Locust" edition from this year. It was another Small Batch release, so it's not currently available unless that shop happens to have a tin or two left...
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    Any loose leaf tea drinkers here?

    I have a pound of Stash Lapsang Souchong that I've been working through and it has had really nice smoky flavor without being over the top (although I do love smoke!). Much like Latakia, the smoke has faded a bit as the tea has aged. It takes me awhile to get through an entire pound since I do...
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    SmokingPipes.Com, more models than Missouri Meerschaum itself?

    MM is likely selling at actual MSRP whereas and others are selling at a discount. As for inventory options, and received what they did whenever it was available. MM is selling whatever else they have on hand. They ldon't care if they sell retail they sell wholesale as lomg as they...
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    Any loose leaf tea drinkers here?

    Lapsang Souchong!
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    What Are You Reading?

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    Cherry (Again)

    I was definitely NOT a fan of the Boswell's Cherry Smash as it made me sick each time I smoked it.
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    Cherry (Again)

    For other non-overly sweet nor goopy cherry blends, try KBV Sakura and KBV Dark Fired Cherry
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    Why Not To Buy A Roku or Amazon TV

    The TV manufacturers never keep up with the software and eventually abandon updates on older models.
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    Your Go-To Summer Blends

    C&D Sun Bear Watch City Slices Dan Tobacco Sweet Vanilla Honeydew