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    PCCA Jazz?

    From the June 1995 PCCA mailer: Jazz is a new lighter styled Virginia Ribbon blend perfect for Summer smoking. This blend is made in the same style as Tudor or Avatar being a light to medium ribbon cut Virginia blend. Only 400, 50 gram tins at $6.95 or 5/$32. From the February 1995 PCCA...
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    WTT McClelland Across the Pond for McClelland No. 22 Virginia

    Don't know, not in the UK nor was the transaction.
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    WTT McClelland Across the Pond for McClelland No. 22 Virginia

    100g tin for 100g tin. Liking trades better than supporting crazy high prices.
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    Fight'n Hampsters FVF

    Very quick and smooth transaction on the FVF that's on the Trading Post. I think that it's one of the best deals out there given the prices on aged VA these days. Thanks!
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    Want To Buy Peretti Royal Blend.

    If you plan to order from them I advise that you call your order in. Apparently their website was hacked and credit card info is at risk. I placed an order on November 6 and had three fraudulent charges on my credit card last week. Others have had the same experience.
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    Alternatives to FB and eBay?

    Thanks! Are you a member of Simply Stogies? Looks like I need a member invitation to access the site.
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    1997 McClelland Christmas Cheer in a Taylor Made blast with a hand cut brindle stem that I picked up years ago from Barry Levin. Still one of my favorite pipes.
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    Source for Vaporette?

    Regarding the humidifier beads, I picked up a product on Amazon called Jelly Beadz. The instructions say that 1 tsp of the beads yields 1 quart of hydrated beads and I believe them. About a dozen of the beads hydrate into enough beads to fill a 2 oz Xikar crystal jar. And these beads are a...
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    2012 HH Vintage Syrian in a WDC Milano. Anyone looking to unload pre-2014 tinned HH Vintage Syrian, I'm always looking to add some to the cellar.
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    Alternatives to FB and eBay?

    With Facebook and eBay now actively shutting down pipe tobacco sales and trades, and understanding that the Trading Post is available to this group, are there any other internet avenues for pipe tobacco sales and trades that you know of?
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    Jose Rubio Pipes

    Anybody have one and if so how does it smoke? The photos on FB are beautiful.
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    Peterson's reissue of Dunhill blends available

    Hoping that London Mixture comes back.
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    What’s your favorite SNL skit?

    Hands down Bass-O-Matic. Saw it when it first aired. Remember thinking that he would't really turn the blender on, would he?
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Peretti Royal Blend in a Castello "Castello" four K that should have been graded a Collection.