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    Favorite HOT Sauce?

    Your first post you said 1st was Tabasco and the last was Crystal about your sale. The last one for Tabasco I never liked the taste like half rotten. I have tried a lot of hot sauce, but I always back to Crystal. For the Scoville heat units for popular hot sauces you can find
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    Favorite HOT Sauce?

    At our groceries have a price of $1.35 to $1.49. Where you get a price at Amazon? Tabasco was fermented because it taste like half rotten not at Crystal nor Petes.
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    Mo Pitney

    Watching RFD-TV on Larry's Country Diner last night. Mo Pitney was a really nice voice and guitar.
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    When is it time?

    We understand the pain you are having now. We have to put them down had a Brittany, two Labs, two Setters, a Dachshund, a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and another Dachshund 16.5 years that we will go to have to be put down soon. Keep up you chins and look for a better dog soon.
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    Malpass Brothers

    Great retro country music!
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    What movie are you watching?

    Yellowstone all 1,2,3 series and 4 the 1st and 2nd looking at 3rd.
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    What's been your most favorite pipe so far?

    My favorite pipe is a Peter Heeschen black sand blast a long bent shank p-shaped. It is a great smoker plus when I saw him at Richmond CORPS ( Not at TAPS) show 15 years ago and had a great conversation, joking BS, etc. I had spent my allowance but he had gave a tin of Briar Fox when I can...
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    2021 Hunting & Fishing Pics

    Yum yum! My favorite wild meat to eat.
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    2021 Hunting & Fishing Pics

    The CZ shotguns are really nice! I bought a CZ grouse in 28 gauge side by side and really like to shoot even better than my 20 gauge Winchester over and over.
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    2021 Hunting & Fishing Pics

    4.8 lb. Rainbow caught on ultralite spinning 2lb test. I also enjoy fly fishing with my Orvis 5wt. fine and far.
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    How do you all take your coffee?

    Medium Columbia with milk or half and half. Dark roast I have to put on sugar to reduce the bitterness and a little of salt.
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    2021 Hunting & Fishing Pics

    Happy hog!
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    Peterson recommendation?

    I guess I am an old dumb butt, I can't find the way to give a "pm" just only to find a "conversation"
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    Peterson recommendation?

    If you would to buy a ligtly smoked on a Pete Rosslare classic smooth 999, I have a deal for you. If you are interested, tell me.
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    Pipe cleaner advice

    When I used the BJ Long 6.5 tapered (with 90% alcohol) for most pipes but I have a few for BJ Long regular when I have a tight stem. I have some Zen and other cheapies but they don't work very well.