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Feb 9, 2008
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I've been very busy and by evening quite exhausted. I spend about an hour on my laptop and go to bed. I think that with the exception of watching some MN Viking Football games, I wouldn't feel I was missing much if I never turned on a TV again. My younger daughter says she and her husband rarely watch TV, and while her young children would watch all day, they're limited to a couple of weekend programs.
There will be a TV show that I will watch now and then but after a bit I become bored. I have better things to do. As I age I value my time more and more. Also, I'm sort of burnt out on American TV shows. They're so predictable. The British sitcoms are still more of a treat.

Overall TV has become too boring.
Good entertainment is a rarity, these days. I was watching a talk about it, and the speaker suggested that part of the reason is that we're experiencing a cultural shift in which those who control creative media (traditionally politically left wing), are falling into the orthodoxy trap that plagued the right wing for so long: an inability to create a story qua story. The right wing failed throughout the 20th century to tell a compelling story because they insisted upon hammering the audience with a moral argument - it was sermonizing in the guise of entertainment, and almost universally unpopular.

The speaker's argument was that the left is now moving into the territory of politics-as-religion, and beginning to suffer from that same sort of orthodoxy policing and sermonizing. Interestingly, there is entertainment being produced among certain libertarian and conservative circles which seems to be improving in terms of production value and storytelling. I'm hopeful that, one way or another, we will weather this drought of quality entertainment, and that someone - regardless of political affiliation - will just start telling compelling stories again.
I used to watch tv all the time. Grew up on it. Now I can't remember the last time I turned on my tv. I don't even know if the thing still works. Stopped watching about 6 years ago, probably. I can't say I've missed it. Too many far more interesting things on the internet. I'm an understanding junkie.