Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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Jeremy Brett is probably the ultimate Holmes. the excellent production values help as well. There's always a place for Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.

Hope Cosy Moments is going well Mr. Psmith!!:)
Thanks for the well wishes. I am better now and back to work (school principal).

BH, I already ate my turkey. I’m Canadian and we celebrate Thanksgiving a week before you guys. (Remember me whining about Canadian tobacco prices?).

On that note, I’m stopping in at my tobacconist today on my way home to start my journey through their bulk blends. All named after local places. Can’t wait to share out on them.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Been watching this series on Youtube while home with the head cold from hell.

Was produced in the 80’s for British TV by Granada. Excellent series in that the episodes are very true to the stories. Stars Jeremy Brett as Sherlock.

Here’s a link to the episodes on YouTube:
Adventure’s of Sherlock Holmes
Quite a while ago, I wanted something good for the whole family to watch and maybe stimulate some analytical thinking by trying to look carefully for the clues and solve before the end of an episode. I ordered the entire Jeremy Brett Granada series, and still watch them. Glad to know they are on YT.