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Jan 25, 2024
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Picked up this unmarked meer today. Not sure of the stem material, it has a bone tenon. Been bit through at the button but honestly it doesn't bother me. Here's some pre clean up pics. I have no idea of the shape, kind of a calabash but obviously not gourd.

Quite grungy but not allot of cake in the bowl. I have to do some YouTube research on how to properly clean it. Looking forward to smoking it, I think a bowlful of an English blend would do nicely.
Very interesting design on the bowl. Can’t say i have ever seen that pattern before. I’m guessing there aren’t any markings on the bottom side of the pipe?
It's certainly unique, I cant find any images online of a similar one. No markings anywhere on it, I cant even detect faint marks other than scratches from wear and tear.