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Puff Daddy

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Dec 9, 2007
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It’s been so long a reintroduction is warranted.

I go back to the very early days of this forum. I’ve also been gone a very long time.

The readers digest version: My wife of 40+ years and I raised 3 kids, immediately followed by 2 granddaughters (we had them 16 years) and we recently finished the course. Kids gone. The wife retired, I am about to end my 2 dozen years of service in a union trucking job and find a more time-friendly job until medicare kicks in. We bought a little hovel in a senior community in the town of Grass Valley in the Sierra Nevada mountains and had it remodeled, and moved in a few weeks ago. I hurt myself pretty good in the process (healing up, but slowly) and then got quite sick for quite a few day. I’m just now coming out of the fog of everything - the life changes, the move, coming to terms with my age and lack of rebound ability.

Today I actually felt compelled to grab a pipe of something good and just relax. If you’re gonna do something, do it right.

McClelland Oriental #14 in a Dunhill Cumberland 5103.

Hope to start becoming a regular here again. Bout time, says I.


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