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Nov 9, 2023
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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I've been waiting since 23 march for my latest order. First American customs had to do something with it. It has now been in the Canada customs office in Missisauga ON for seven days. How big a threat to the GNP is a seven oz tin of Sir Walter Raleigh and a Rossi Canadian sitter? WTF ever happened to NAFTA? I don't contest the inspection or the tariff but this is flocking ridiculous. I'm sure the fact that I dressed down Canada Post for the unnecessary delay on my last order is a contributing cause for this delay.

I'm angry, can you tell?
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Over the last many years, there have been several threads about "customs" problems. IIRC, Canada, the UK, and Australia had the most problems; I have no exact figures to support this claim. FWIW, FTRPLT
My package was tracked over the border to Canada Customs by USPS, it is now a Canada post item. Still no word. I'm still convinced it's backlash for making a formal complaint to Canada Post regarding local distribution delays. Making a complaint to Customs will only earn me another red flag. I appreciate the empathy, thanks guys. I have not run into any issues with communication from USPS, but Canada Post has a longstanding reputation for irregular and unreliable service.
Sadly, CP is a horrible postal service. The Covid outbreak precipitated its global deterioration and it has not recovered any, since. I have parcels shipped from the UK almost always making it to my doorstep within 6 - 7 calendar days. Yet, an order placed in Ontario can take up to 14 calendar days to be delivered.

There are no excuses for this.
I can’t reflate to your problem but the USPS is not a well greased operation either. More than 1/2 of the trackable shipments I’ve had for the past few years are never delivered by the estimated delivery date. Must be a bunch of mentally challenged sorters.
I have purchased 2 things off of evilbay in the last 6 weeks from Canada some knobs for a National NC-173 receiver and a Heathkit AJ-1214 FM tuner. They both made it through customs in less than a day. My wife bought a lot of late 60’s Barbie clothes off of the bay in Canada and took a week to make it through customs.
So, after over a week of sifting through CBSA's site information for contact information to file a package investigation - I found it in a menu sub category of a subcategory of a subcategory...

Filed my complaint and within three hours received notice from Canada Post that it was received by them from CBSA and en route.


I still have every confidence that CP will delay the package themselves, the estimated delivery date is the 22nd. Colour me skeptical.