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Welcome to our corner of the internet. I might be the only person here about your age but that only means everybody else has a wealth of experience and good advice that comes with age.
I have to go with the rest and recommend a corn cob. The cheapest missouri meerschaum pipe will serve you very well, I love mine.
While SWR is good tobacco, I recommend trying aeromatic tobaccos for something that might be easier to approach and get into. If you like chocolate, Sutliff Chocolate mousse is great. For vanilla, I like Sutliff Custard Cream. For something nutty, I really like Peter Stokkebye Pistaccio.
Looking forward to hearing how you like everything you end up trying!
The small cheap ones are more for that semi-legal smoking material. Start with a bowl size 3/4 inch wide and over an inch deep. Morgans are good for flakes and Prides on up for ribbons.
I forgot that MM had released their cornabis line. Thanks for catching my error and definitely stick with the tobacco cobs.