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Apr 10, 2022
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north Mississippi
Does anyone know when you could buy a 7 ounce package of Mixture 79. Well I got my hands on one. It smells so amazing once opened. I wish o was better at communicating the aroma. Less anise and more I describe raisin spice bread. Cant wait to fire up a bowl in my dedicated Mix79 Dr Grabow


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Tried Mixture 79 back in the day. Scalded my tongue like a blow torch. Tried it again a couple of years ago. Same result. Won't ever be on my Tad list, lol.
Ranger I had the same issue. But I really liked the taste and enjoyed the aroma. Somebody told me to try the bulk version because it's less sauced and they were right. I also used a Savinelli with a 6mm charcoal filter and it was like night and day. Smooth, no bite and very enjoyable. Now I just order the bulk and refill my Mixture-79 tub that I have. Try it again, order an ounce or two of Sutliff #600 which is the Mixture-79 bulk. If you have any 6mm or 9mm charcoal filters try it with those pipes. I'm telling you, it's like a whole other experience.