Orange scented candle hack

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Sep 10, 2017
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Queensland, Australia
Saw this and thought it was tricky.

Ok my picture isn't as neat and pretty as the above one but I though leaving some juice and meat on it would bring out the scent more maybe.
Its been going about 30mins and flame works great but not much of any smell at the moment. Maybe when it heats up a bit more will start to throw a scent.....stay tuned :LOL:

I suspect it'll smell like burning olive oil. Who's going to take a hit for the team, try this, and report back? 😜
It fell into a burning ring of fire,
It went down, down, down
And the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burnt for 3 hours
The orange ring of fire.

I never thought I would be giving a review of a scented candle damnnn your eyes bergy :LOL:🕯️
Ok I put it out after 3 hours and it prob had another hour in it. No smells of oil and just minimal orange scent smelt.
Let me know if anyone else tried it but please, please don't burn your house down I hate candles for that reason.

I am a sucker for punishment and don't know why I am obsessing about this experiment/post but I was disappointed with the outcome. I thought it would be better if I left the juice and meat in for that trial.
I still have the other half of orange so I am going to gut it of meat, juice and white stuff leaving just the skin to see how it goes in the next day or so. Stayed tuned because I know you guys are losing sleep over it :LOL::ROFLMAO:
I have a lot of hobbies that involve making things. Candles are one.
The orange trick won't work too well because candles, being made of wax, and the olive oil candle trick here require oil soluble scents. The juicy inside of an orange is water based and doesn't really have any oil soluble fragrent conpounds to release into the air. It does have non oil soluble compounds but the olive oil in the orange cup acts as a barrier so you cant smell them as well. You'd be better off hanging orange slices around the house. Im willing to bet that any orange scent you got from the orange trick came out of the ring of rind that was cut and exposed to air. The rind does contain good smelling orange oil which could get into the olive oil if you made it differently but natural oils like orange are often destroyed by the heat of a candle flame and won't have a real smell when burned. That means all the scent would have to come directly from the oil pool.
I have made hundreds of candles.