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It's possible that the listing is describing a system standard. However, I would always want more information. Then use Mark Irwin's Peterson Pipe Notes blog (or the wonderful Peterson book) and/or the website for final verification. Shape number? Line? Depending upon the seller and their Peterson knowledge, they could just be referring to a "standard" Peterson.
My Peterson 301and my XL307 are both stamped "System Standard" on the bottom. Those likely will be too.


If you are looking at Peterson pipes for sale, and the listing describes the pipe as "standard", is that synonymous with "system?"
The terms are not synonymous but are related. There are a number of variations of System pipes: Cara, Deluxe, Premier, Spigot, and Standard. A pipe stamped Standard is a System pipe. Systems come in smooth, sandblasted and rusticated. I like the 309, so I have one of each. Good smokers!