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Jun 6, 2024
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Leesburg, Fl
A long time ago, when I started smoking a pipe. I use to smoke Edwards tobacco. I started with Scottish Moor, but ended up with a great mixture that didn't have the tongue bite of Scottish Moor, and I remember that Latakia was added in small amounts until we found the perfect mix.
Here I am MANY years later, returning to my pipes after cigarettes. I'm looking for tobacco suggestions. HELP !
I believe that Scottish mixtures contain Virginia, Oriental/Turkish, Latakia and Perique. I'd suggest G. L. Pease Quiet Nights or Chelsea Morning. You can use the tobacco locator on to find a sizable list to explore and cross reference the blends that look interesting on to get smokers opinions.
If.... I was in your situation/predicament, I would find a blend that contains the same tobaccos, try some of them out....even if the du jour blend(s) didn't contain the Latakia component. Then I'd buy 2 ounces of blending Latakia and add this "condimental tobacco" in dribs and drabs, until the resulting home brewed mixture was to my liking and pleased my memories of days gone by.

Good luck with your quest....may it bring you some unexpected rewards....and some new pleasant memories.
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