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    Information on Pipe Smoking

    I think every pipe smoker, especially a new one should read "The Ultimate Pipe Book" or "Pipesmoking in the 21st Century" by Richard Carleton Hacker. Excellent books!
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    "Pipetongue" Ken & Dock @ The SHPC!

    Excellent photo... who's the photographer... I think he's got a bright future ahead of him. :)
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    Pipe Talk

    Yeah, Oom Paul is a different podcast that we've featured in the SHPC Gazette. Ollie does an excellent job and his podcast is a welcome addition to electronic media for the pipe community. The cigar community has had a handful of long running podcasts out there and I hope the pipe community...
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    Pipe Talk

    No you lunkhead.... it's the likes of one Mr. Nelson Pidgeon of course. So you can't shed any light on my question?? Anyone?
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    Pipe Talk

    Does anybody know what happened to the Pipe Talk podcast?? They haven't done a show since June and do not seem to be responding to the comments on their blog page. Matt and Brian... if you guys are out there are you still in business or are you done?? If you are still planning to continue the...