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    Forgive my Ignorance Cowboy Coffee

    While this isn't cowboy coffee, its a variation How to Make Turkish Coffee | Authentic and Delicious - YouTube
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    Quotable to the end

    I found some quotes by people who died this year. John Prine: When I get to heaven I'm gonna take that wristwatch off my arm What are you gonna do with time After you've bought the farm? Jerry Stiller: Laughter is the answer to all the pain I experienced as a kid. When I am not doing it , it...
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    Welcome home
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    Green Onions

    One name they considered in the video was "onions" but decided that it had bad connotations. Afterwards they selected "Green Onions" because people ate them. Go figure
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    Green Onions

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    My best also...bikes are great for a variety things
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    Happy Birthday Carlos!

    Happy Birthday Carlos Here are some places to hide those keys. Some don't look so hot.
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    Big Joe Turner deserves a spot

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    Turn up the volume & listen to this...

    You can find Playing for Change on Sonos Unfortunately its more fun to watch the videos
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    Justin and his shovel

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    BoB's online presence

    One more:
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    BoB's online presence

    Yes, you are correct. Knox was the name. LL and Carlos were there also. It looks like when Knox folded the BOB stated in 12/2007.
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    BoB's online presence

    The Brothers of the Briar started around 15 years ago as part of a web site for a pipe/cigar business whose name escapes me for the moment. The business folded and the board was moved to this web site. People have come and gone but there are a few people who, for what ever the reason, have stuck...
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    Goodbye John Prine