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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Dunhill 587 RedBark....purchased in London back in the mid-70' of my favorite shapes with the pencil shank and 2" bowl. A bit of Father Dempsey to prepare for the students.
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    The Price of Driving Our Cars

    Mssrs: USA prices are really rising to an equitable position with Europe and the UK. Nation City Price in USD Regular/Gallon Netherlands Amsterdam $6.48 Norway Oslo $6.27 Italy Milan $5.96 Denmark Copenhagen $5.93 Belgium Brussels $5.91 Sweden Stockholm $5.80 United Kingdom...
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    Cost of tobacco

    As a primarily SWR and Prince Albert smoker, I always have my guests from the states pay a house tax of 14oz of one of the two to enter the home. Thank god travel restrictions are supplies are getting low.
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    Favorite whiskey/whisky?

    Living in the land o whisky...our opportunities to imbibe are like a rainbow....winter time i reach for the smokey Islay's...Laphroaig would be a reference for you. Summertime, well hell, anytime there is new one on the market that has caught my interest....a blend... Sassenach....which in...
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    What movie are you watching?

    If you've enjoyed Yellowstone, Hell and High Water, or are just a western 1883... All created, or written, acted in by Taylor Sheridan.....a true cowboy, who captures the present and the old west in incredible detail. His are not the clean and scrubbed streets of the 50's...
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    Hello from Glasgow (Scotland)

    We are just a short 30 minute drive across the Firth of Fourth to Edinburgh. In the last photo, you are looking across the Firth towards Edinburgh on the far shoreline. Much of Culross was constructed in the 16th and 17th centuries. The environs are protected by the National Trust of Scotland...
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    Hello from Glasgow (Scotland)

    "Latha math"....... Pickings are slim in Edinburgh...Vape and Bongs...two or three shops with Cubans, but as you say, the prices are ridiculous. Anytime, my cigar supplies are low its time for a train trip to Paris! Prices are government controlled and less than 50% of UK prices. Since I'm a...
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    Hello from Glasgow (Scotland)

    We are neighbors! Well, sort of.....I'm in Culross....a short hour on the M80. Take the train into Edinburgh to work. Are there any tobacco/pipe shops of note in Glasgow? I haven't spent that much time there. There's literally two in Edinburgh with slim pickings and exorbitant prices. Cheers!
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    What movie are you watching?

    Check out Murphy in John Houston’s “Red Badge of Courage “
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    Gin and Tonic

    Hendrick's gin was one of the leaders in the "gin movement" in Scotland. There are now dozens of small distilleries making a quality product. If you have a liquor store that carries a selection of Single Malts, I wouldn't be surprised if their shelves have some of the boutique gins coming out of...
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    Perique is getting very scarce and the price is escalating

    Perique comes from one parish (county) in Louisiana....St James Parish....south central part of the state....not far from The Big Easy (New Orleans) Maybe 400 acres is all that is farmed. All by hand. Hurricane IDA didnt produce the feared flooding, but its winds were devastating. With the lack...
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    My collection as of today

    Damn! Can I say that on here...? Damn!
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    What's been your most favorite pipe so far?

    My children have nothing more in their trusts….
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    What's been your most favorite pipe so far?

    I was spending too much time and money at Dunhill's shop on Jermyn St some decades ago. They had started making their banded Crosby. The size "3" was a little small in the bowl for my size frame. I approached the manager about making the 3110 into a 4110. "That would be a special order, Sir,"...
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    How many members within this forum....

    The gummies work.