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    Need help identifying my grandfather's pipe

    From the pouches still in his old pipe cabinet, amphora was his blend of choice. Along with tobacconist blends from whatever local pipe shop he went to
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    Selling your McClelland's?

    Yeah they weren't sealed. I only bought one tin of a blend to smoke, this was before I knew people bought tins for the purpose of cellaring.
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    My burgeoning pipe tool collection...(!)

    My goodness. I only have 2 pipe tools. One Chech like tool and a homemade one. I am thinking of making a couple homemade ones
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    When Is Your Last Smoke of the Day

    For me, it is usually an hour or two before bed. I only really smoke in the evening, and not even every day.
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    My Observations on the Subject of the P'Lip

    You may be right about that.
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Had some Cobblestone Chess Queen in my wdc Wellington last night while fishing. I don't think I have ever seen tobacco that wet right out of the tin. A half hour of drying (admittedly in humid weather) and it was still very wet
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    Selling your McClelland's?

    I didn't know that at the time I got them as a just of smoking age college student 10 years ago. One of the tins did get a leaky lid so I jarred them
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    The Vegan Burger

    Most people I talk to don't have that issue with the burnt plastic taste. But through genetics/body chemistry/ other reasons, that's the only thing I taste in the beyond/impossible hamburger. To each their own
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    The Salad of the Day...

    That salad sounds delicious.
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    The Vegan Burger

    I don't really care for any of the vegan meat substitutes. Impossible burger and beyond burger both taste like burnt plastic to me. As much of a carnivore as I am, I do find a grilled portobello mushroom does work quite nicely in place of a hamburger patty. Doesnt replicate the taste of...
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    Insects and room note.

    In my experience, nothing I smoke does anything with insects, I always end up swatting away clouds of mosquitoes if I don't cover myself in deet
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    What Moisture Level Do You Prefer

    I do prefer a drier tobacco too. Though too dry kills the taste
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    Recently made RDPipes

    I will email you my ideas.
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    Recently made RDPipes

    Tapered as in not a saddle stem. I will check out your site, thanks