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    Cigar Cutters

    I have always used a cheap double bladed cutter until recently. A fine BOTL gifted me with a Xikar Redwood and the difference is amazing. I don't think I'd pay retail for one, but the quality is there for sure. I haven't tried any other brnads though. Lucky
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    Where to buy cigars?

    One more thing that should be taken into concideration is the fact that a lot of online stores ship their cigars "wet." This keeps the cigars at a slighly higher Relative Humidity so that the cigars do not dry out on their trip. So, they may need some time to adjust to the Rh you desire. I...
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    Reviews on Flor Del Todo

    I actually have 2 bundles of these myself. Good value cigars that have enouigh flavor to get you through a task at hand. I use them as yard gars. But, you really can't go wrong with them! I have the torpedo size and my in-laws like these when I give them some. Enjoy, Lucky
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    Happy Birthday Puff Daddy!

    HAppy Birthday PD! Hope your day is filled with memoeries that will last a lifetime! Enoy! Lucky
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    Happy Birthday Luckydog !

    Thanks guys! It was a good day! My wife and kids let me fall asleep watching the final round of the Masters. Had some cake, eat good food and topped it off with a smoke! Thanks again, Lucky
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    Happy Birthday Lucky

    WOW! Thank you for the Birthday wishes! I appreciate it! Don't really know what my wife has planned for me, but I think she likes it that way. You know, so I don't go screwin' it all up. :oops: I tend to do that a bit when she tells me her plans! :oops: Anyway, Thank you! Lucky
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    Cigar Ratings

    LMAO ! At Davey! :P Classic! Lucky
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    Question about your Pipes in light of another thread...

    ... the Thread is "Cigar Ratings." Just got me wondering if any pipe smokers have a pipe (pipes) that they purchased just because it's a Dunhill or another big name pipe? Are there pipes out there that cost less then a Dunhill and smoke just as good or even better? :scratch: I also...
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    Cigar Ratings

    I don't know if I always agree with Cigar Aficianado but I seem to think they don't play favorites when it comes to ratings. Here's my case: In the April of 08 issue they rate a: CAO Gold as 88. MSRP $4.50 CAO America as 85. MSRP $14.50 I think if they where biased they would give the higher...
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    List of favorites?

    My favorites right now: 1- Rocky Patel Edge 2- Gurkha Legend 3- Gurkha Regent 4- Perdomo La Tradiccion (Cuban Cafe) 5- Fuente Don Carlos other mentionables: Butera, Hemingways, Ashton (any), Fuente Sun Grown, Bahia Gold. Lucky
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    NO Problem! Hope all works out well! If you do need anything, please just drop me a PM. I'd love to help in any way I can! I just got done smoking a Rocky PAtel Vintage 1992. FANTASTIC smoke! Nutty, and creamy with a touch of coffee on the finish. Nice way to cap off my sons 5th Birthday...
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    Small Cigars

    I agree with what has been said. They are great for cold weather! Also windy conditions are a good time to break out some small cigars. Like... on the golf course. And I also like the CAO And RP small sticks. Some others I like are the Ashton Esquires and La Aurora's Princpes. I don't smoke...
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    Mike, If it's not too late... I have an extra Digital Hygrometer you can have! It will save you about $20. If you want it just PM me. Hopefully you can change the order. Let me know. Also, CONGRATS! Great looking humidor! :cheers: Great way to jump into it! Lots of good info. here for you...
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    A little Wine help

    I actually like the Muscat or Muscato (Italian) fro a dessert wine. It's light and sweet, goes great with chocolate and stawberries! :) You can get some on the cheaper side for about $15-$25. they usually come in a 375 ml instead of the 750ml. so it is a bit more money compared to a regular...
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    Good Cheap Cigars

    LOL! Jason, trust me on this one....switch to weekly shpments! It will save you tons of $... Just remember that you have a whole week to bid on things you really wnat. The bidding week always ends on Wednesday night and begins Thursday morining! As for cheap smokes. Try the "Super premium...