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    Kirsten Pipes

    I bought one in the mid 90s and smoked it for a while but lost interest shortly after. Something about briar , maybe warm and curvy as opposed to aluminum, sharp edges and mechanical operation. Still, I admire the well thought out design, but it's not for me.
  2. mark

    Anyone having other problem with Pipes and Cigars?

    My recent order to them arrived quickly this time. I blame Covid for the majority of mail order woes across the board.
  3. mark

    The Salad of the Day...

    Sounds like a feast Blackhorse. My sister is an olive oil purist, will mention Kouzini to her.
  4. mark

    Opening day

    April First. The first day of Trout season. In years past it always snowed or sleeted while drowning a worm or flinging a fly. This spring has seen temperate weather above the average, and I joked with a couple friends we'd be wearing shorts opening day. I rolled out of bed at four to witness a...
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    Smoking may disappear within a generation, analysts predict

    Yes, and once your profile is on record it's easily shared. I don't admit to anything anymore.
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    If You Use Humidity Beads

    Yeah, I had a bad habit of checking when I thought of it and came close a couple times. Now I check them on Sunday morning religiously.
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    Just when you say you'll never buy another pipe...

    4 at once! All nice pipes and I especially like the pipe stand.
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    A Remote Chance to Get CV19 Vaccinated

    Took the wife for her first shot last night and she's not doing well this AM. Running a fever and nauseous, keeping a close eye on her.
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Drying some Best Brown Flake ,,,going in a calabash later.
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    Rye Whisky/ey

    I'm a Bourbon drinker but was given a bottle of Sazerac Rye for Christmas. I've enjoyed over half the bottle so far and will replace it when gone.
  11. mark

    Rush Limbaugh

    I listened to him on and off for years. I thought every once in a while he made a valid point.
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    How was your weather today?

    You should resubmit your application!
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    How was your weather today?

  14. mark

    How was your weather today?

    Persistent snow storm off the lake. About to go out on the tractor for the third time today,,,still, fairing better than the people down in the southern states.
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Drying some damp Stormfront to go in a cob.